sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2010

VA - Planet Freestyle (Special Edition)

VA - Planet Freestyle (Special Edition)


01.-Robbie- Girl I Need You
02.-Domenic Marte - Here I Am
03.-Andrew K - This Broken Heart
04.-Annette- Only Time Will Tell (radio mix)
05.-k-style- All These Tears
06.-Eric - Lately
07.-Emanuel - You Complete Me (Feat.Alexia Phillips)
08.-Britney Spears vs. Stevie B. - Gimme More Spring Love Lethal Weapon
09.-Clear Touch - Those Lonely Nights
10.-Samira - The Rain (Vivonas Radio Mix)
11.-Eric - Love Me
12.-Irene - Where Are You Now
13.-YBZ- Now That I Found You
14.-Malyssa - Forever More
15.-Jessica Fabus - Obvlously
16.-Jessica Fabus - On My Own (Dj Renato Gomes Club Mix)
17.-Bethaney - You Better Stop (DJ Renato Gomes Extended Mix)
18.-Jonelle - Unforgivable

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