domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Tazmania Hit Mix (Tazmania Records) 1996

Credit: Tommy

Thanks For CD
CD cedido gentilmente por Tommy


1. Honesty - Annette
2. Mad About You - Joe Zangie
3. If You Wanted to Love Me - Sammy
4. Ecstasy - Katja
5. Day You Left Me, The - Johnny Mans
6. I Need You Now - Pure Pleazure
7. Be Sure - Samantha White
8. It Could Have Been Love - Pain
9. I Can't Stop - Denine
10. Dreams in the Night - Charlie
11. Forever Love - Denisha
12. My Broken Heart - D.T.U.
13. Only Time Will Tell - O.S.U.
14. When Will You Come Back to Me - Pure Pleazure
15. Mirage - Bobby Delante
16. Never Too Late - Stefanie Bennett
17. Those Were the Times - Miguel Reyes Jr.
18. You Don't Have to Worry - Rhythmcentric

Uploader: Tommy

6 comentários:

  1. hope everybody enjoys this cd. this is a mix cd so download all tracks

  2. Awesome bro, Tazmania is one of the best Freestyle labels. Hook me up with the password, please!

  3. no password needed it's from my online folder you have to dl the track indiviually

  4. I hope this one is better than the Artistik Hit Mix.

  5. opa aqui outra vez boa mano album de qualidade^^


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